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Delivery and After-the-sales

Work Flow Step01 Preliminary Discussion・Proposal Step03 Cutting Step04 Inspection Step02 Process Design

We deliver uncompromising products with quality and trust.

To offer customer a reassurance of Quality

To offer customer a reassurance of Quality

It is very important to strictly keep delivery date and time.
It is also very important to maintain confidentiality of the products and related data. That’s way we got certified ISO27001 (Information Security Management System) fast to prevent leak of information.
We shield information from threats and deliver the goods with our concept “Elegance”

Key Factor of Haradaseiki Kogyo’s Delivery・Aftercare

We think a great deal of “After-the-sales”.

We believe that it is very important to deliver the products without any trouble of information.
We focus on the communication to the customer after the delivery and provide the after-the-sales service to go on to.

Haradaseiki Kogyo is always pursuing super-precision and Quality from developing to manufacturing proto-type and mass-produced product with our simultaneous 5-axis cutting machine and 3D CAD through our one-stop/quick delivery system.

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