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Quality, super-precise cutting work, that’s what we stand up.

To realize the Quality what the customer require.

To realize the Quality what the customer require.

We never accept defective products. We carryout thorough quality control.
We line up state-of-the-art measuring instruments including 3D measuring instruments.
Our engineer performs the visual inspection, too.
Quality itself is the customer needs and customer satisfaction so that we attach our mind to inspection process. We have clear and strict inspection standard under the AS/EN/JIS9100 and ISO9001 certified management system. We believe that appropriate operation and persistence to Quality can create the products of trust.

Key Factor of Haradaseiki Kogyo’s Inspection

Uncompromising al-hands Quality inspection

Haradaseiki’s inspection by the staff with world-class technical capabilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing system is the best.
Out-and-out Quality control can produce the highest quality products.

Haradaseiki Kogyo is always pursuing super-precision and Quality from developing to manufacturing proto-type and mass-produced product with our simultaneous 5-axis cutting machine and 3D CAD through our one-stop/quick delivery system.

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